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Learn how to align your nutrition habits with God and how to stop worrying about what you “should” eat and start focusing on how you “can” eat to fuel your purpose that God laid out for you.

Does this sound like you?

  • “I feel overwhelmed by all the nutrition and faith-based information online that you don’t even know where to start on my health journey?”
  • “I have tried to stick to a plan to stay healthy countless times but have not found a program that fits my needs?”
  • “I want to show others how to live a life of health and a love for God!”
  • “I always tell myself I will “start on Monday” or “start at the beginning of the month”, but I never do.”
  • “I don’t have enough energy or time to prioritize my health.”
  • “I think about food all day long. I feel like all of my thoughts are controlled by what I should and shouldn’t eat.”
  • “I don’t like who I see in the mirror anymore. I have never felt so distant from God or so ashamed of my body.”
Opened bible on dark table next to basket of cut kiwi and squash. Bible chapter is galatians

Diets can’t live up to their promises…God can!!!!!!!

Fuel Up Faith is not a “diet”! It is a program that will teach you faith-based nutrition principles and strategies that will help you build a more solid foundation for your temple and help you improve your health through finding food freedom!

By focusing on dieting it is costing you:

  • Your happiness
  • Your peace
  • Your ability to embrace God’s love
  • Your overall health.

Diet culture, dieting trends, and the dieting mentality are all lies from the Devil! Fuel Up Faith can help you find peace with yourself by learning how to give yourself grace and not feeling guilty for eating foods that diet culture shames you for eating.

You will learn how to build your own healthy nutrition plan, in alignment with God, full of nourishing foods that can give you the fuel to live out God’s purposes for your life.

If you improved your health, how much more impactful would you be in your life?

Forks and Grace’s goal is to give people a safe space to land when they feel like nothing else is working and everything seems overwhelming on their health journey.

We want you to count your blessings instead of your calories!

Still having second thoughts? Check out the testimonial below!

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