Organic Food: Fresh vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts. Vegetarian menu.

Forks and Grace

Helping You Feed Both Your Body and Your Soul

One with Food and One with Jesus!

Welcome friend! I’m so glad that God has crossed our paths.

Do you struggle with how you feel in your body? Do you want to have more energy?

Do you find yourself constantly trying diet after diet and nothing ever seems to be working?

When you look in the mirror, do you not recognize yourself? Maybe because of how you look, but also because of your distant relationship with Jesus?

“Do you feel overwhelmed by all the nutrition and faith-based information online that you don’t even know where to start on your health journey?”

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Our Mission

The mission of Forks and Grace aims to provide faith-based nutrition programs and products to all individuals seeking to feel more confident in their healthy food choices, improve their relationship with God, and build healthier habits in their daily lives.

What’s New for Blog Posts and Devotionals?

Hey Y’all, I’m Sam!

I am the owner of Forks and Grace. I am a faith based dietitian and I enjoy helping people on their physical and spiritual health journey build a more positive relationship with food through God’s words.

I started Forks and Grace as a way to combine two of my favorite things: Jesus and Food! I personally believe that food is a gift from God and it should be used as fuel to live a more impactful life.

My goal is to teach christians how to give themselves grace, how to have faith and spread love (like Jesus!), and how to achieve food freedom through faith based nutrition strategies and principles.

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Promo for Fuel Up Faith Program

Join the Fuel Up Faith Program and get ready to experience a transformation from the inside out focusing on grace and choosing foods that nourish your body for God’s glory.

Get access to your new favorite tool – the FREE Meal Planning with God Resource!

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Organic Food: Fresh vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts. Vegetarian menu.

Are You Ready To Make Changes In Your Life To Improve Your Health?

Learn How to Live By Forks and Grace’s Three Fundamentals For Health!

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Choose Grace

Consistency is Key message

Stay Consistent

Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.

Live By Faith

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