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The Forks and Grace Story

Forks and Grace was founded by Sam Turner (a faith based registered dietitian). Forks and Grace provides generalized nutrition education and faith based programs and products that promote healthier living. We help individuals become healthier both physically and spiritually.

  • The mission of Forks and Grace aims to provide faith-based nutrition programs and products to all individuals seeking to feel more confident in their nutritious food choices, improve their relationship with God, and build healthier habits on a budget.
  • Our goal is to help people feed both their body and their soul. One with healthy food and one with Jesus!
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Hi, I’m Sam!

I am the owner of Forks and Grace. I have been a faith-based dietitian since 2021 and I enjoy helping people on their physical and spiritual health journey build a more positive relationship with food through God’s words.

I started Forks and Grace as a way to combine two of my favorite things: Jesus and Food! My goal is to help you view food as a gift from God and learn how to stay within a budget to use food as fuel to live a more impactful life.

I created a program called Fuel Up Faith where I teach christians how to build a more positive relationship with food, learn how to build nourishing meals on a budget, and find food freedom through faith-based nutrition principles and strategies.

I love sharing evidence-based nutrition information through a biblical lens to help others improve their health through better nutrition habits. I am a firm believer in the “all foods can fit in a healthy nutrition plan” mentality. Having this mentality and truly aligning my food choices with God has helped me see a transformation from the inside out by focusing on grace and choosing foods that nourish my body for God’s purposes in my life.

I want to share what I have learned over the years with as many people as possible so that I can help others build their knowledge, skills, and confidence around choosing nourishing foods, meal planning, budgeting, grocery shopping, and living a more impactful life for Christ!

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All Foods Can Fit In A Healthy Nutrition Plan! Food Doesn’t Defile A Person!

As we learn from the Bible, more specially Matthew 15:11, food does not defile a person. At Forks and Grace we help people find balance in their nutrition habits to better align their choices with God. We focus on teaching faith-based intuitive eating principles that help take people from overwhelmed and confused to confident and knowing how to nourish their body using food as fuel for the purposes God has for them!

The 10 Faith Based Intuitive Eating Principles that Forks and Grace Teaches
  1. Stop idolizing the “dieting” mentality
  2. Become aware of your hunger cues
  3. Give yourself permission to eat (make peace with food)
  4. Question any worldly labels for nutrition
  5. Fuel yourself until fullness
  6. Find satisfaction with food and spiritual nourishment
  7. Don’t use food to cope with emotions
  8. Respect the body God gave you
  9. Find the joy in movement throughout the day
  10. Practice gentle nutrition (consistency not perfection)