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The Biblical Perspective of Body Image: Made in the Image of God

The biblical perspective of body image: made in the image of God Body positivity Positive body image body positivity affirmations

Body image and taking care of yourself can be a hard topic to talk about as a Christian. Taking care of your body and viewing yourself the way God sees you (Genesis 1:27) can help you overcome a negative body image.

Is it possible to love your body? 

Yes it is! Keep reading to learn how!

What is the Christian view of body image?

As you have probably heard, your body is a temple. It is a temple for the Holy Spirit that has been gifted to you by God. You were bought with a price (the blood of Jesus!); therefore, you are not your own (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). 

Your human body has been loaned to you to help you grow and develop the soul that is inside of you to prepare it for its heavenly home. You are called to glorify God with the body that He put a lot of effort into knitting together just for you. 

This is why it is important to focus on having a positive body image which comes from aligning your mind, body, and spirit with God’s will for your life. God wants you to be healthy and happy in your temple and expects you to put in the work and obedience to stay physically and spiritually well.

What does God say about healthy bodies?

Body image is an important part of your life as a Christian. NEDAs definition of body image is “…how you see yourself when you look in the mirror or when you picture yourself in your mind.”

God created the human body in His image. 

Do you think Jesus struggled with what He looked like while on earth? No!

Do you think Jesus occupied all of His time worrying about what He looked like? No!

Do you think Jesus neglected His body by not taking care of it properly? No!

Well then why should you neglect your body and not focus on improving your body image?

Jesus knew the importance of having a healthy body so that He could be the hands and feet for God while He was on the earth. That should be your goal too. If you are always worried about what you look like, then you will lose sight of the mission that God has called you to do.

You are far more important than those negative body image thoughts. Whether you think you are too big, too small, too short, too tall, too dark, too light… you are called to glorify God with your body. He needs you to fulfill His plans and you can’t do that hiding from the world.

Why is it important to have a positive body image?

If you currently have a negative body image of yourself, then know that that is the devil trying to attack your thoughts. Those thoughts about your body are not from God.

God’s thoughts are uplifting, empowering, gentle, and graceful. Any time you can identify yourself thinking those negative thoughts about your body… rebuke them. The devil will come to kill, steal, and destroy.

If you allow the devil to invade your thoughts about your own body, it will lead to feelings of shame, disgust, anger, and so many other negative emotions.

When you notice yourself having these thoughts, you need to ask God to protect you and show you who you truly are. Your identity and your worth are not in those negative body image thoughts. 

You are a child of God! (Psalm 82:6)

You are more than a conqueror! (Romans 8:37)

Knowing God and His Word can help guide you towards body positivity. It is important to shape your body image thoughts in the truth of God’s words to help you improve your positive body image for your God-honoring temple!

Keep reading to learn how to use the Bible to overcome your body image issues.

Overcoming body image issues with the bible

In 1 Corinthians Chapter 6, Paul helps us to understand just how involved God is with designing the human body and helps us figure out what our bodies are meant for. 

God says…

  1. The stomach is meant for food and food for the stomach – food should have no control over you!
  2. The body is meant for the Lord and the Lord is meant for the body – this is why it is important to align your body image with God’s truths!
  3. The body is meant to be raised – God will strengthen your body through your weaknesses!
  4. The body is a member of Christ – you are not your own!
  5. The body is a temple for the Holy Spirit – make it a place that the Holy Spirit would be happy to dwell!
  6. The body is meant to glorify God – are you actively using your body to glorify God?

Your body has value and God has authority over it. Keep reading for more verses to help you develop some body image affirmations when you are struggling with your negative body image thoughts.

Verses when you are struggling with body image

Verses to help with Body Image body positivity positive body affirmations


1 Samuel 16:7

Psalm 139:14

1 Corinthians 10:31

1 Peter 3:3-4

Ephesians 2:10

Genesis 1:27

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

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