faith based nutrition strategies to guide you towards food freedom

Welcome to Forks and Grace, Friend!

My name is Sam and I am a Faith Based Dietitian and the owner of Forks and Grace. I am so glad that God crossed our paths! My main goal is to help you feed both your body and your soul. One with food and one with Jesus!

I share faith based nutrition content and products that can help you align your nutrition habits with God’s Words for better physical and spiritual health. These resources can help you build healthy and sustainable nutrition habits to better nourish your temple.


Let’s work together to help you learn faith-based nutrition strategies and principles that will help you build a more positive relationship with food, learn how to give yourself grace, and grow a deeper relationship with God.

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If you’re tired of allowing food to control you and want to learn how to align your nutrition habits with God – you need to attend this FREE workshop!

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